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The Irish Tourist Board is targeting keen golfers directly by sending them postcards, inviting them to get their next round in .. .in the Emerald Isle.

More than 30,000 golfers across Britain have been targeted for these invitations following the recent Foot & Mouth crisis, which resulted in only one reported case in "Southern" Ireland. The necessary precautions taken by the Irish authorities ensured that there was no spread of the disease, and thankfully, the effect on golfing was minimised.

Ireland boasts some of the world's best golf courses. it is now often referred to as the Golf Mecca of Europe with over 400 18 hole courses and more than a third of all the Links courses in the world!

The last ten years or so has seen the development of many major new championship corses in Ireland, but there are also many "hidden gems" to suit every standard of golfer. Combine this with the legendary Irish welcome and hospitality and you have the ingredients for a truly memorable golf trip.

If you have never played golf in Ireland before, now is the time. Your pound sterling buy about 1.25 Irish which saves you about 25% on already inexpensive green fees and all other purchases!

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