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Weather Forecasts Via Mobile
For Golfers


The Met Office have launched a 'Time & Place' service which provides local forecasts so golfers can find out what the weather will be like on their courses at the press of a button on their mobile phones.

Although the new service is primarily aimed at the golfing public, it will clearly be of value to golf course operators, greenkeepers and golf day organisers too.

The service - using a WAP handset or the basic text messaging service SMS - gives weather updates with postcode accuracy on the hour every hour if required. It can also allow you to plan up to five days ahead.

Gareth John from the Met Office said "We know that golfers are prepared to play in most weather conditions but thunderstorms and lightning pose a real threat if you're caught out halfway through a round. It's a real technological first - like having one of the most powerful forecasting computer systems in the world in the palm of your hand. You can call up and find out the conditions on a particular course for the weekend coming up."

To take up the new service, access the Met Office website at where you can register and stipulate the information you wish to receive. The subscription for the service costs a minimum of 10 at an average of 20p per message.


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