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Could you please inform me about golf in Madeira.
Anne Cochrane

Editor: There are two golf courses on Madeira, the Madeira Golf Club which is only 3km from the airport but if you have ever been to Madeira, you will know that this involves a vertical upward drive up a mountainside. It is described as being 25km east of Funchal with green fees of 8,000 Escudos. The telephone number is Madeira (091) 552345 / 552356. The length is 6040 metres. It is a Robert Trent Jones course and very enjoyable to play. The other course is called Palheiro, which is some 5km from Funchal, turning off the road to the airport. Again you have to negotiate a number of hairpin bends to reach the course but it has magnificent views over Funchal which on a clear day are quite breathtaking. The course opened in 1993, visitors are welcome all year round, though during October-April it is advisable to book in advance. Green fees are shown as 40 but I am not sure whether that is for the day or a round. The telephone number for bookings is (091) 792 116 / 794411. Both courses are just over 6,000 metres in length and quite hilly.

I'm going on holiday in July to Vilamoura in Portugal and the course there looks great. Could you give me any info on this course, prices etc and I don't particuarly want to take my clubs, is it possible to hire clubs here?
Thanks. Frank

Editor: I can't answer your question directly. I'd suggest you contact Vilamoura direct. Their telephone number is 089 380 724. That is for Vilamoura Laguna, Vilamoura Old is 089 322 650. In the case of Vilamoura Old, softspikes only are permitted.

I'm thinking about a golfing trip abroad, but don't really know when the high/low travel seasons are around the world. Please send me this info for USA East Coast, Southern Europe, S Africa & anywhere else you would recommend.
Many thanks. Sam Owens

Editor: It depends very much where you go on the USA/East Coast, ie. Florida has its high season January-April, whereas I guess in somewhere like New England you would be talking May-September. Southern Europe again you are talking of such a large area with varying popular times. In somewhere like the South of France the most popular golfing dates would probably be April-June and September-October, where is Southern Spain, the most popular golfing times are October-April. South Africa - October-January is a good time around Cape Town and golf is relatively inexpensive. Australia / New Zealand have their seasons in exact reverse to the UK. Hope this helps.


Can you advise me of any golf course's in Boston, Massachusetts, USA?
Thank you. Michelle Head

Editor: We are based in the UK, so don't have a comprehensive list of golf courses in and around Boston, however check out which seems to have quite a comprehensive list of golf courses in and around Boston.

I'm travelling to Moliets (nr Biarritz) in the Gascony region of France in August this year for a golfing break with a friend. I've read that a "golf pass" is available allowing reduced rates at many of the regions courses. I'm interested to know whether anyone who has been to the Gascony has used the golf pass and whether it will allow me to buy daytickets at reduced rates. It seems that no-one in France has heard of a dayticket (I've e-mailed most of the courses and tourist boards in the area already) Also, I don't possess an official handicap certificate, and some of the courses stress that handicaps of 24 or under are required. Since I usually play of about 10 this should not be a problem, but I'm eager to know how strict the courses are in enforcing the certificate rules. Thanks for any help

Editor: If you can help Michael email him at the above address.

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