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Tunis & Carthage

A vast urban area with 2 million inhabitants, a modern town with an authentic medina, Tunis or ancient Tunez, took over from Carthage upon the arrival of the Arab conquerors. It then became the capital and was at its peak in the 13th Century under the reign of the Hafsides. However Carthage still stands high on its hill, its ruins a

reminder of its former glory.

Alongside, the smart village of Sidi Bou Said is perched like a shining white crown on he other hill heralding the magnificent seaside resorts of La Marsa and Gammarth which boast luxury hotels and quality restaurants.

Cosmopolitan cafes mix with Roman ruins and the world's largest museum of mosaics - making Tunis an ideal destination.

Getting There

Flying time from the UK is under 3 hours. Taxis are the easiest way to get to your hotel from the airport. A number of tour operators sell short breaks to Tunis and Mediterranean cruises often stop off for the day.

Where to Stay & Eat

Whether you want to be in the thick of it all in central Tunis, or a short distance away in the upmarket beach resort of Gammarth (near Carthage), there are hotels to suit all tastes and budget; pre-booking is recommended. For the sporty, golf and watersports are available in Gammarth.

Enjoy bambaloni, a light and crispy Tunisian style doughnut, in the village of Sidi Bou Said. Dine in high style at a converted Ottoman palace in the medina, the fish restaurants in the port of La Goulette or Le Grand Bleu in Gammarth. Alternatively eat at a local cafe for a fraction of the price. Afterwards head for the Piano Bar, Les Ombrelles or the Plaza clubs in Gammarth.

Don't Miss

  • Panoramic views of the minaret and mosques of Old Tunis from the rooftop terraces in the Medina.
  • The view from Byrsa Hill over ancient Carthage.
  • Virgil mosaic at the Bardo Museum.
  • A Hammam steam bath.
  • The hustle and bustle of the Marche Central.


Taxis are cheap and readily available, although walking around the city centre is a practical option. The TMG electric train runs between Tunis centre and the suburbs of La Marsa, La Goulete, Carthage and Sid Bou Said. A new tram systems operates in the city centre.

  • The Bardo Museum - the world's finest collection of mosaics.
  • Maison du Baron d'Erlanger in Sidi Bou Said - originally a millionaire's retreat and now a museum and concert venue.
  • Antonine Baths and Roman villas at Carthage.
  • French cathedral on Brysa Hill.
  • Hire a boat in Sid Bou Said and sail around the Baie des Singes.

Cultural Events & Festivals

Carthage Festival July/August Dance, plays and concerts often held in the Roman Amphitheatre.
Carthage Film Festival Every other October Celebrates Third World cinema.
Festival of the Medina Ramadam
(dates change according to Muslim calendar)
Tunisian music and dance shows commemorate the month of Ramadam.